What do Novae LLC, H&H Trailers Division, careers offer?  A place where, every day, we work to be great.  We strive to do things which make us proud every day. Our employees are an essential part of building a high-quality product and making a difference in our industry, as well as our communities.  At H&H Trailers, we don’t just build trailers, we produce a product that is an asset for our customers and allows them the opportunity to live out the American dream.  Whether our customer’s are utilizing a trailer for a contracting business or hauling their prized possession to a car show, our products play an essential role in making this happen.

Our H&H Trailers division is located in southwest Iowa and offers many opportunities for growth in the trailer industry. H&H Trailers careers offers you an opportunity for growth, to make a difference and be proud.  Learn more about our opportunities and benefits below.


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Thank you for your interest in a career with H&H Trailers. To apply direct, visit the open positions tab above. If you are a customer inquiring about product information, please visit our Contact Us page. Thank you